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Featured Property – 4900 Lang Ave. NE

4900 Lang Ave NE is a state-of-the-art, two-story office building located in Albuquerque’s prestigious 300-acre Journal Center master-planned development. A truly central location in the heart of the city’s most sought after North I-25 Corridor business district, this property offers convenient access via the Paseo del Norte river crossing to the city’s east and west sides. It is also adjacent to many amenities including the brand new Legacy @ Journal Center (Cabela’s and planned future development), restaurants, hotels, and services!

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Featured Property: Market Station @ the Santa Fe Railyard

Colliers International and Barker Realty are pleased to present this opportunity to acquire an approximately 59,963 square foot, multi-tenant retail condominium property located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Constructed in 2008, 500 Market Street (“Market Station”) is situated on a long-term land lease in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s North Railyard District, an integrated mixed-use corridor located just south of the historic Santa Fe Plaza. This offering represents a rare opportunity to acquire a unique asset consisting of three (3) condo units (1, 3, & 4) being introduced to the market for sale for the first time. The asset sale has been authorized by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Trustee.

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Case Study – 2551 Coors Blvd. NW

Ransom-With offers expert landlord/seller and tenant/buyer representation services and solutions in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We work to ensure that our unique solutions meet the needs of our clients, whether they are selling a property or looking for office space. A unique example of this is the property at 2551 Coors Blvd. NW.

The building had never been vacant since the building was built for Silo Electronics and Appliance in 1984, and later occupied by K&S Kawasaki. The Coors & I-40 Interchange construction changed the property from a retail location to an office location, and 2006 Pathways purchased and remodeled the building for their Behavioral Health Services. The FDIC acquired the building in 2015.

The Challenge

The Ransom-With Team was awarded the listing to sell an asset for Rialto Capital Management doing dispositions for the FDIC. This was not a typical disposition for the FDIC. When the FDIC acquired the asset, there was a service provider occupying the space without a lease. We needed to work through the FDIC and the State of New Mexico to ensure that the behavioral health clients that were relying on the services they provided at the 2551 Coors location were not without care while new state contracts were awarded, and leases and P&S agreements were negotiated and put into place.

The Result

The Ransom-With Team was able to secure a lease with NM Solutions for the 12,553 square-foot building, and then sold the property as a net-leased investment to an out-of-state investor.

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John Ransom and Tim With

Our Work With Contract Associates

Ransom-With offers expert landlord/seller representation services and solutions in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We work closely with our clients to determine their unique needs and come up with strategies to help them find the right solution. We recently worked with Contract Associates to help them find a new space for their business.

The Challenge

After 28 years in business, and 18 years in the Sawmill location, Contract Associates, determined that they needed move in order to make their product and inventory business more efficient, and improve their offices for employees, and showroom to display their product lines.

Contract Associates wanted a unique space and decided to separate their warehouse activities from their corporate headquarters’ offices/showroom to meet their objectives.

The Solution

The Ransom-With team worked as Tenant Representatives during the site selection process for both office/showroom and warehouse functions.

Contract Associates moved their corporate headquarters to the historic Banque Building at 219 Central Avenue NW in downtown Albuquerque on February 1, 2017. They are occupying the ground-floor space previously tenanted by banks serving the downtown area.

Contract Associates’ warehousing activities are now centrally located in the I-25 Corridor in the Jefferson Business Center. The new warehouse will enhance operations by providing a more functional layout, higher ceilings, upgraded docks, and improved access for deliveries and their customers.

“Our business plan required us to make a move after being in the same location for more than 18 years. The Ransom-With team at Colliers International took a collaborative approach to understand our business and shared their expertise to help us assess the market and our options. John and Tim delivered on their reputation for being responsive and genuinely interested in seeing that we met our goals.”

Maria Griego-Raby 
President, Contract Associates

Thanks for your interest in our work. If you would like to learn more about what we do, contact Ransom-With today.


John Ransom & Tim With

Determining a Move

Ransom-With offers a wide range of expert tenant/buyer representation services and solutions. We are dedicated to helping our clients build successful businesses, and we work with them closely to find the property that best meets their needs.

This starts with an assessment of their individual requirements. There is a lot to consider when making decisions about your office space, and what will work right for your business.

Here are some key things to consider when making decisions about your office space:


Stay put
If your current space satisfies your business needs, but you are approaching the end of your lease, consider renewing your lease. We can help you ensure the space is available, and negotiate a new lease with the building owner.

The expiration of your lease offers you an opportunity to transform your business and create new efficiencies by relocating.


Business Needs
If your current space is too small, too large, or inflexible, a new office can energize your organization and act as a springboard for improved productivity and operational cost savings. Additionally, market conditions may support the business case for relocation.

Brand Value Enhancement
The quality of your building and the tenant improvements in your office space speak volumes about your organization. A new building can strengthen your employees’ perception of your core values and elevate your brand in the minds of customers and other stakeholders.

Employee Retention
With an improved work space, you will boost staff morale and productivity. Our market research shows that even subtle changes in the work environment create substantial gains in productivity, resulting in improved bottom-line financial performance.


Operational Costs
The negotiation of rent and tenant incentives depends on the dynamics of your local market. In markets where overdevelopment or economic conditions have created higher vacancy, this favors tenants. In other markets, low vacancy gives landlords the upper hand in negotiations. Contact your Colliers professional for the market trends in your location.

Tenant Improvement and “Make Good” Costs
Your entry and exit strategy to a lease can greatly affect the real cost of your commitment. Workplace design and tenant improvement costs should be viewed as an organizational opportunity — a well-planned and executed office will adapt to your organization’s growth and changing needs and minimize churn costs.

Balancing your tenant improvement costs and their benefit to your organization is critical. In addition, “make good” commitments will affect your cash flow when exiting a lease. These costs are covered in more detail later.


Plan, Plan, Plan
Whether you decide to stay or go, knowledge is key. Understand your current situation, review other options, assess the marketplace context and negotiate with your current landlord to optimize the end result.
The period required to conduct a lease negotiation and relocate is three to six months at a minimum. Depending on the size of your organization and current market conditions, you should begin this process 18 to 24 months prior to your lease expiration. It can take two years or more to complete the lease and relocation process for large or complex assignments.


Your internal steering committee should be led by a senior employee, and supported by decision-makers and influencers including human resources, IT, divisional heads and staff. A single point of contact from your organization, matched with a single point of contact, is ideal to make the process run smoothly.
You may wish to conduct a survey of your staff to determine their needs, preferred work space amenities and location. Colliers can survey your staff to determine the impact of relocation on commute times and employee retention.

Professional real estate advice is a critical part of the project team. This will arm you with insight into the marketplace, your alternative options, and the financial implications of the stay or go scenarios. A skilled workplace strategist and design professional will complete the team by providing knowledge of productivity-enhancing tenant improvements.

Ready to consider your options for the best space for your business? Contact Ransom-With to find out more.

John Ransom and Tim With