What We Do

We work closely with our clients to identify requirements, analyze alternatives, offer solutions and deliver results. Cross-leveraging our unique business experience and extensive market knowledge creates premium value for our clients, reducing real estate costs, mitigating risk and providing flexibility. Analysis of needs, determination of current / future requirements, space utilization analysis, market surveys, financial modeling, and ongoing advisory services.

Tenant / Buyer Representation

  • Analyze Client Needs – Lease vs. Purchase
  • Survey Properties Available in the Marketplace
  • Strategic Planning & Forecasting
  • Prepare Request for Proposals (RFP's)
  • Summarize & Analyze Proposals
  • Lease / Purchase / Renewal Negotiations
  • Site Selection
  • Build to Suit
  • Help Coordinate Move-In Activities

Landlord / Seller Representation

  • Exclusive Disposition – For Sale or Lease
  • Property Positioning for Maximum Exposure
  • Guidance in Understanding Market Conditions, Emerging Trends and Pricing
  • Contract / Lease Negotiation
  • Leveraging Relationships with Buyers, Tenants and the Brokerage Community
  • Diligent Communication and Reporting of Inquiries, Prospects, Tours, Proposals and Other Pertinent Marketing Activities