The Ransom-With team works closely with our clients to meet their individual commercial real estate needs, whether it’s through tenant/buyer representation or landlord/seller representation. No matter what type of services we provide, each project begins with a conversation to get to know the client, understand their business, and their goals.


Office & Investment Team

After understanding the client’s needs, our landlord/seller representation process includes:

  • Asking questions to understand the seller’s motivations, objectives, and goals

  • Researching the property to get to know every aspect of it and to determine its marketability

  • Offering valuation advice to get the highest market value for the property

  • Setting realistic goals and timelines, including how to manage the entire project from contract to closing

  • Marketing the property, utilizing our extensive local, regional, and national networks

  • Consulting and advising the landlord/seller beyond the sale, including recommending other team members, such as architects or attorneys

Our tenant/buyer representation process includes:

  • Touring a business’ existing space to understand how it operates

  • Meeting with company officials to understand how the company may operate in the future

  • Asking company leaders to identify their ideal space

  • Bringing in architects and others to help get a full understanding of the type of space that would work best for the company

  • Negotiating on behalf of the tenant/buyer

  • Providing other consulting and advice, so that tenant/buyer can make informed decisions


"Our ability to dive into the details of each transaction allows us to offer the best solutions and deliver results."

We provide space utilization reviews, market surveys, financial modeling, and ongoing advisory services to all of our clients. We work through the full lifecycle of the transaction.

Each and every transaction is customized for the client. Our success is based on our ability to understand what our clients need in order to create solutions to achieve their goals. Our ability to dive into the details of each transaction allows us to deliver the best results. We understand that making sound real estate decisions is not just about the property — it’s about building a business.

We have a combined 45 years of experience in commercial real estate, and have worked as a team for more than 20 years. This gives us expert insight into the local market.

Cross-leveraging our unique business experience and extensive market knowledge creates premium value for our clients, reducing real estate costs, mitigating risk, and providing flexibility. Ransom-With integrates companywide resources, including strong leasing and brokerage experience, which establishes best practices and identifies the most appropriate solutions for each specific assignment.

Clients also receive the added value of our entire Office Specialty Group, a team of experienced specialists that meets regularly to share marketing strategies for specific properties, match tenants with our listings, and share market information, to ensure that our clients benefit from the most current and accurate market data.