Two More Condo Units Sold at VCC Eagle Ranch!

Our Team has the exclusive listing assignment for the 72,000 square foot, 5-building VCC Eagle Ranch condo project. Over the past couple of years the property has transitioned from a speculative, developer-owned project to a lender-owned asset. The construction quality is unsurpassed by any other office/flex condominium development in Albuquerque and it is located just south of the Cottonwood Mall.


Marketing for VCC Eagle Ranch has been carefully targeted to small business owners that may want to realize the benefits of owning versus leasing their property. In addition to traditional marketing collateral such as brochures and MLS listings, a property-specific web site was created ( that provides detailed property information in order to assist prospective buyers with making an informed purchase decision.

As the project is currently lender-owned, asking prices are positioned aggressively low, and well below replacement cost. The two new buyers in the park each purchased units that included 100% office build out. Currently, 10 of the 30 units within the park have been sold. The remaining 20 units are being marketed as a bulk sale portfolio for $3 million.