Weston Solutions Renews its 8,000+/- Square Foot Lease

One of the enjoyable aspects of our job as brokers is that we have the unique opportunity to work with many diverse individuals and businesses. Each client's motivations are specific to their situation, however, they all share a common thread in that they are in search of very thorough and complete market data and advise in order to make the most informed commercial real estate decisions.

Often times, we are engaged with corporate clients that have a large national presence, but are looking for local market expertise. Recently, we had the privilege of working with Weston Solutions to assist with surveying the Albuquerque office market, submitting requests for proposals and helping negotiate the most cost-effective deal that provided them with market-driven terms and flexibility. Weston's existing premises, located in the North I-25 Corridor, was approximately 8,000+/- square feet in size and the goal of the assignment was to reduce occupancy costs and minimize moving expenses in the event they were motivated to relocate.

The Ransom-With team implemented an aggressive strategy in soliciting proposals from prospective landlords within the North I-25 Corridor that had opportunities which were consistent with Weston's image, space requirements and budget. Due to Weston's creditworthiness and long-standing history in the market they were presented with several attractive offers but they ultimately opted to renew at their existing location and received a significant reduction to their base rent while maintaining a relationship with a landlord that has appreciated their loyalty over the years. It was a win-win for both parties.

For over 50 years, Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON®) has delivered integrated environmental, sustainability, property redevelopment, energy, and construction solutions. The company has 1,800 people in 60 offices around the globe.