Office Space Calculator

How much Office Space per Person? The general rule of thumb is to allow 200-250 useable square feet per person.  This may vary depending on the type and style of the business. Our Team can help you economize on space and save money.

Enter a quantity for the number of office types required. Change room dimensions as appropriate for your needs. Totals will be recalculated when you change a value and leave that cell. The default office dimension numbers are general industry standard and are only provided as a convenience. If you would like to start over and clear your screen use the refresh/reload button on your browser or click the button at the bottom of this page.
  Room Type Length   Width # of Offices Total Sq Ft


CEO x =
Large x =
Standard x =
Small x =

Work Stations,

Large Cubicle x =
Medium Cubicle x =
Small Cubicle x =
Open space, clerk, secretary x =

Meeting Rooms,

Board Room, Library (each) x =
Conference x =
Medium x =
Small x =

Facilities &
Service Areas

Large Reception x =
Small Reception x =
Copy, Pantry, Telcom (each) x =
Files, Storage (each) x =
Mailroom x =
Coat Closets x =
Other x =
  Circulation (includes corridors) %
Usable Space:
  Load factor %
Rentable Space: